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Brand Templates (Visual)

At Studio 28 Designs our visual templates will help you lay the foundation for your brand's colours, fonts, patterns, inspiration and more. Having a clear visual guide will help the creation process for your business. 

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What does a visual brand template include?

Our brand templates represent your brand's visual identity and include imagery such as your logo, font styles, inspiration, patterns, colour palette and website visual. These templates can be saved and sent in the required format (PDF being most popular) and can be used for your own record or to pitch your business.

We include six essential elements in our visual brand templates:

Brand Story

This is a simple summary of your brand giving your audience a short insight into what you do and who you are. Usually presented as 'Our mission' and 'Our Vision'.


Whether you already have your logo or you need to get one designed by Studio 28 Designs, your brand template will include all versions of your logo. This may be different colour combinations or modified/complementary versions.

Colour Palette

Defining a colour palette for your brand is a crucial element and will help customers recognise your identity and form positive first impressions. Our visual brand templates show 5 colours including the HEX codes.


This is the collection of images that have inspired the thoughts behind your brand, or the images you want customers to associate your brand with. We include up to 5 images.


This is the font selection for your brand and the style/way you want your brand to be presented through text. It is advised to have three different fonts which will contribute to the overall look and personality of your brand.

Patterns (& Website Preview)

Our brand templates also include any patterns you may want on your website or patterns you already use (if you have a logo). This section can also be changed to 'brand voice' where we can list keywords your brand will regularly use. If you already have a website we include a homescreen preview at the bottom of the template. 

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